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best online fax service

Best Online Fax Service

Finding the best online fax service is a daunting task that’s going to require plenty of reliable research. With an array of options, it can be overwhelming to narrow down all of your options. However, if you’re still using a fax machine, it’s time to part ways with that old fax machine and try a much easier alternative.

We all know that different businesses have distinct faxing needs. That’s why we researched and reviewed dozens of online fax services and narrowed it down to the ones we think are the best for a variety of businesses.

Benefits of using an online fax service

While traditional fax machines are declining in overall usage, faxing is still a booming industry, especially for financial services, government institutions, and various other types of businesses.

Switching to an online fax provider is convenient and cost-effective. Since everything is done over the internet, online faxing doesn’t require a fax machine. So this alone will save you a few hundred dollars as you don’t have to purchase a fax machine.

Using an online fax service eliminates the hassle of buying expensive hardware, ink cartridges, and printing paper. When you combine all of the things above, you have the potential to save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands every year.

Why can’t I just use a free online fax service?

There are dozens of free online fax services on the internet. So why not just use one of them instead of paying for a premium online fax service? The answer is actually quite simple.

If you’re sending sensitive and confidential documents, a premium online fax service has the proper security measures that will prevent your documents from getting into the wrong hands. These types of services are also able to store your faxes and offer worthy faxing features.

Free online fax services rely heavily on advertising to fund the service and keep it up and running. They place random ads on your cover pages and make it look unprofessional. In addition, these free services don’t provide proper security for your documents. Lastly, you may never know if you’re fax was delivered to your recipient. So you might want to think about that when you’re sending your next “free fax”.

Five best online fax services

1) RingCentral Fax

ringcentral fax

Price: $7.99 to $49.99
Pages: 500 to unlimited
Page Overage Fees: 3.9¢ to 5.9¢ per page
Setup Fees: None

RingCentral Fax pros

  • The ability to choose between multiple fax numbers – toll-free, local, and vanity fax numbers.
  • Local fax numbers are available in all 50 states.
  • You’ll have the option to transfer an existing fax number for free.
  • All outgoing faxes are sent through an encrypted connection, making it safe to fax sensitive documents.
  • The ability to create custom cover pages and preview your faxes before sending them.
  • Receive mobile alerts each time a new fax is received.
  • The ability to send one fax to multiple individuals.
  • The ability to store your faxes for an unlimited amount of time.

RingCentral Fax cons

  • Their cheapest plan offers web support only, it doesn’t include phone support.
  • You have to download faxes to view attachments.
  • There isn’t an option to sign faxes electronically.

Visit RingCentral »30-Day Free Trial

2) Nextiva Fax

nextiva fax

Price: $4.95 to $29.95
Pages: 500 to unlimited
Page Overage Fees: 4¢ per page
Setup Fees: None

Nextiva Fax pros

  • There’s an internal fax viewer that enables you to view all of your faxes before sending them.
  • Enhanced archiving system for finding old faxes. There’s also a tagging feature that you can use to tag any fax with a particular word for easier retrieval down the road.
  • The service supports multiple file formats including gif, png, jpeg, pdf, and others.
  • The service is able to integrate with a fax machine.
  • Send faxes using your email account, online portal account, and a mobile device.
  • All faxes are sent through a secure connection.
  • The ability to create custom cover pages for each fax.

Nextiva Fax cons

  • There isn’t an option to send faxes internationally.
  • No option to sign documents electronically.
  • A local fax number isn’t available in all 50 states.

Visit Nextiva »30-Day Free Trial

3) MetroFax


Price: $7.95 to $35.95
Pages: 500 to 2,500
Page Overage Fees: 3¢ per page
Setup Fees: None

MetroFax pros

  • The ability to use a local or toll-free number in thousands of cities in the United States and Canada.
  • You’re able to send international faxes, but you may incur additional fees.
  • The option to transfer or port an existing fax number for free.
  • The ability to send faxes from five different email addresses.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and business related software.
  • The ability to send the same fax to multiple recipients.
  • Fax from an email account, mobile devices, and their web portal account.
  • Their service uses the strongest encryption software to protect your documents.

MetroFax cons

  • There isn’t an option to sign documents electronically.
  • Users can’t schedule faxes to be sent on a specific date and time.
  • Fair share of negative reviews on the reliability of their customer support department.

Visit MetroFax »30-Day Free Trial

4) MyFax


Price: $10 to $40
Pages: Send 100/Receive 200 to Send 400/Receive 400
Page Overage Fees: 10¢ per page
Setup Fees: None

MyFax pros

  • Choose between local, toll-free, or international fax numbers.
  • The ability to fax from five different email addresses.
  • The ability to create a contact book or upload an existing one.
  • All sent and received pages are stored on their servers for as long as you have an active MyFax membership.
  • A fax tagging system and an easy to manage fax archives page.
  • Auto fax resends for faxes that fail to deliver and automatic fax delivery notifications.
  • The ability to send to 50 different recipients at once.
  • Preview your faxes prior to sending.
  • Supports 178 file formats.

MyFax cons

  • Isn’t capable of signing documents electronically.
  • High page overage fees.
  • Monthly page limits aren’t combined, so you’ll have a limitations on the amount of faxes you can sent and receive each month.
  • Their internal fax viewer isn’t able to showcase multiple pages; it only allows you to see the first page.

Visit MyFax »30-Day Free Trial

5) EFax


Price: $16.95 to $19.95
Pages: Send 150/Receive 150 to Send 200/Receive 200
Page Overage Fees: 10¢ per page
Setup Fees: $10 to $19.95

EFax pros

  • The ability to sign documents electronically using their digitalized signature feature.
  • The ability to send the same fax to 20 different recipients at once.
  • You can fax large files (up to 3GB) that are too big for sending through email.
  • You’ll have the option to preview your faxes prior to sending them.
  • Fax from five different email addresses.
  • Lifetime storage for all sent and received faxes.
  • Offers both local and toll-free fax numbers in almost every single state in the United States.
  • Over 11 million individuals and businesses use eFax for their faxing needs.

EFax cons

  • No option to customize cover pages.
  • Sent and receive page limits aren’t combined.
  • Cost of service is expensive when compared to other online fax services.

Visit eFax »30-Day Free Trial

Why do I prefer RingCentral fax?

In terms of overall value and reliability, RingCentral is the best online fax service. It has the highest balance of affordability, faxing features, ease of use, and customer support.

I like their fax service because it offers a higher combined page limit each and every month. So, even if you fax frequently, their cheapest plan may be enough.

Their fax service has a solid reputation as well. In addition, RingCentral offers numerous other business services which add convenience as you’ll have the option to have multiple different services with the same provider.

Final verdict on online faxing

Each of the online fax services above is capable of fulfilling your faxing needs and dumping your old fax machine. At the end of the day, it’s going to come down to what you prefer and what you’re willing to pay.

If you plan on faxing different documents several times per month, switching to an online fax service is going to be cheaper than faxing with a traditional fax machine. Online faxing is cloud-based so you don’t have to worry about dealing with any equipment.

While I prefer and recommend RingCentral for all of your faxing needs, I understand that it may not be the fax service that everyone is willing to work with. Fortunately, each fax service mentioned above has a lengthy free trial period that you can take advantage of.

Which online fax service do you use and recommend?